Getting Ready for Frontera Archive

This is an archive of class materials presented in August 2019. Here is the course description related to that presentation.

Are you in need of highly parallel computing at an unprecedented scale? TACC is currently deploying NSF's new flagship system Frontera, which will serve the ever growing needs of the scientific community. We invite you to join us at TACC for a full day of presentations and discussions focused on Frontera‚Äôs outstanding capabilities. We will introduce the system and its new and innovative components, and will discuss how to optimally compile, launch, and execute scientific applications at large scale. 

Much emphasis will be put on the description of available MPI stacks and on tuning MPI and hybrid (MPI+OpenMP) applications via environment variables. The schedule will allow for many opportunities to interact with TACC staff and to discuss general and/or user specific topics. This event is open to the large early-user community that is already using Frontera, and to any current or future user of TACC resources.



- Welcome and Logistics.
- Frontera!
- Frontera Hardware Overview.
- Designing and Building Frontera.
- Deep Learning on Frontera.
- Visual Analysis on Frontera.
- Life Sciences Applications and Containers on Frontera.
- Performance Monitoring with Remora.
- Getting started with Frontera.
- Best practice with Intel MPI on Frontera.
- Extracting Peak Performance for your Applications on Frontera with MVAPICH2 Libraries.
- Application Performance on Frontera.

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