This is an archive of a course taught in 4 sessions from March to April of 2022. Course description and links to resources can be found below. 


In this training series, we will walk through basics on how to start using computing clusters at TACC for machine learning and deep learning analysis. The series will focus on important concepts, methods and applications with machine learning and deep learning. The series will also include a basic introduction to computing clusters and Python programming language to help participants to get started. At the end of the series, we expect participants to have a clear understanding of how to access and use supercomputers for analysis, common methods and examples of machine learning methods, and deep learning neural networks. Our goal is to help new users to get started with data driven analysis on supercomputers. 

The series consists of four parts: 

  1. Computing cluster and Python environment at TACC
  2. Supervised learning methods and their applications 
  3. Unsupervised learning methods and their applications
  4. Deep learning methods and their applications

Session recordings:

Course materials: